Snippet: No, I Still Don’t Want to Talk About Teh Menz

I thought I’d made that clear, what with the lack of MRA propaganda strewn about my blog and all. But apparently some people just aren’t getting it, so I’m gonna try to spell it out.

So, why don’t I want to talk about men every single time I talk about a women’s issue? Is it because I don’t care about males who are victimized? Well, that’s an easy response if you want to paint me as heartless and move on, but it’s a pretty cheap escape, IMO. Is it because I think all men everywhere have perfect lives? Come on, I’m not that delusional. Is it because I actively hate and seek to destroy the lives of men everywhere? Frankly, that’s pretty fucking awful, and if you’re ignorant enough to believe it, stick me on the shelf with Hitler and move on; I’ve got nothing to prove to you.

In reality, it’s because I don’t want to devolve into exchanges of anecdata. It’s the “Yes, but”s, and I am tired of being forced to hear about the “but”s every time I mention a “yes.” And I’m especially tired of hearing about fifty “but”s for every “yes.” It is the same reason any radical feminist will tell you she doesn’t want to have her discussion of feminist issues derailed with talk of how teh poor menz are victimized just as badly by patriarchy doncha know. ;___; It’s derailing, it’s repetitive, and it’s privileged as fuck. STFD for half a second and let a woman speak. Hell, you want me to tell you the magical secret to letting me speak?




You can click that little X in the right-hand corner of your screen or tab and magically not be reading this blog anymore. Then I get to speak, and you get to not listen to me: Win-win!

Hell, if you’re offended already…try it out.

Seriously, give it a go.

Did you click it yet?

If you’re still reading, I know you didn’t.


Fine, have it your way. Here’s a sugary analogy of your distinctly unsweet behavior:

Imagine that you are a baker, and pies are your specialty. In fact, you own a bakery that sells only pies. Now imagine that every. single. time. you tried to sell a pie, or talk with a customer about pies, you were inundated with cake bakers who insisted that you cease and desist, and instead focus on cake. In fact, these cake bakers make a point to come to your bakery and tell you and your customers that pies are out of style, and cake’s where it’s really at. Yeah, you sell pie, but let’s talk about cake. No, seriously, STFU about the pies; CAKE. Cake, cake, cake cake cake! You, a pie-baker, want to talk about pie in your bakery that only sells pies? YOU CAKE-HATING FASCIST, HDU?

Look, I love cake, but I’ve been eating it morning, noon, and night for nearly three decades, and it’s clogging my arteries. So don’t let the bakery door hit you on your way out.


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2 Responses to Snippet: No, I Still Don’t Want to Talk About Teh Menz

  1. randomcheeses says:

    That is the best and most delicious metaphor ever

  2. robertsloan2 says:

    Great metaphor for “Stay on topic” – makes sense to me! Some of your topics ARE my topics. Mobility impaired and gblt. Some aren’t and those are the ones where I have a lot to learn, where just reading your articles helps me sort things out and improve as a writer. If my story is a man’s story then my blog is the place for it. I can learn from your example as you’re a good blogger and a good writer, but this blog’s not about me. I have one of my own.

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