Changes Are Afoot….

I don’t post here as often as I’d like, and that’s largely because I simply don’t have the time to devote to writing such intense posts. My entries tend to be relatively long, researched critiques of the larger elements of modern culture. I’ve really enjoyed having my say on these matters, and am heartened by everyone who’s told me that they find comfort in my entries, and that they use them as sources when they simply don’t have the spoons to personally fight every battle on teh interwebs. I started writing because I needed my own resources for such debates, and it makes me incredibly happy that others have found this blog useful in similar ways.

I have precisely zero intention of abandoning this style, for precisely these reasons, but I also find myself clamoring for expansion. I’ve still got a lot of heavy words to say, and I’d like to go back through and revisit issues I’ve already written about to bring more clarity to my points. But I’d also like to cut loose a little, and share some of the smaller things relative to my experiences as an SJ advocate, and as a social minority.

In this spirit, I’m going to be a bit more liberal with what I post here, and I’m also expanding to other platforms of social media. Hot of the presses, I present my Facebook page and my Tumblr account. I will likely be easing into these new outlets, but I hope to be fully immersed in this project by Winter, and I’d love to have all of my current readers along for the ride. ❤


About bunnika

shout at the brick wall; if it doesn't hear you, shout louder
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