Some Truth Bombs About Rape: Statistics and Facts for the MRA Crowd

Much of this was originally a comment I left in reply to some MRA bullshit, but as it’s relevant in a lot of the arguments people try to make to discredit women who talk about rape, I figured it deserved its own post. Since this post is to serve as a link for educational purposes, I’d like to remind MRA’s and other anti-feminists that privileged comments are to go in this entry, per my comment policy.

I generally tend to speak of rape as the big scary Law & Order sort of deal. This isn’t out of any attempt at deceit, but rather is because I simply hadn’t gotten around to posting about the sort of rape that most people don’t think is rape. But right now I’m going to tackle the CDC report on rape–which catalogs many different kinds of rape–and what those numbers mean in terms of victims and victimization.

Now it should be known that the CDC reports more male victims and more female perpetrators than any other legitimate source. (RAINN reports that 90% of rape victims are female, and the US Department of Justice says that 91% of victims are female, and 99% of rapists are male. So this CDC report is the most male-lenient report I can tackle, which means that these numbers are as close to MRA-friendly as any honest researcher can claim. Keep that in mind.

Let’s talk about how women are over thirteen times more likely to be raped than men, by that Law & Order definition. This is what the CDC refers to as the only real “rape” that occurs, and it is overwhelmingly perpetrated against women. But I’d class this simply as “violent rape,” as other sorts of rape rely less on using brute strength to overpower the victim.

So there are other statistics, right? Because yes, forced penetration and coercive sex are rape, and should be included in the statistics. I understand the survey counting them separately, but they should still be under the “rape” umbrella in the CDC charts. So here are those charts:

There is no data for “forced to penetrate” for women. This is one of those statistical anomalies, because people simply haven’t bothered to record this information. Remember, some women have penises, and are forced to penetrate. You can also be forced to penetrate with something besides a penis. Still, let’s go ahead and give it to the MRA’s and just leave that count at “zero,” since we don’t have the proper statistic. This would mean that only men are forced to penetrate, so male victims do in fact outnumber women in this regard. Now don’t get too excited, because this is not a trend.

Sexual coercion is also rape. Women are almost three times more likely than men to be victims of sexual coercion. So, those final numbers, including the inarguable social standard idea of rape, being forced to penetrate, and coercive rape:

Total victims: 37,332,000, broken down as follows:
Violent rape (survey defined “rape”): 21,840,000
Made-to-penetrate: Not recorded (“0”)
Coercive rape: 15,492,000

Total victims: 13,838,000, broken down as follows:
Violent rape (survey defined “rape”): 1,581,000
Made-to-penetrate: 5,451,000
Coercive rape: 6,806,000

Now, let’s examine the numbers on victims: First, there needs to be a clarification here, based on these numbers:

25% of male victims (3,459,500) aren’t men, they’re boys. This is in no way an improvement, in regards to personal experience (personally, I find child abuse beyond horrifying, and I would think–though I’m not an authority–that it’s worse/more damaging than rape of an adult). But this does require examination through a different lens, as pedophilia and the rape of post-pubescent people have nuances that deserve separate examination, because of how motives and victimization occur. Pedophiles are not driven by the same forces as those who rape adults. I’ve never talked about child rape because I have no experience with it. By these numbers, roughly 3.5 million of male rape victims were attacked as children under the age of 11, and roughly 4.5 million female rape victims were attacked as children under the age of 11. So, though a male rape victim is statistically more likely to have been victimized as a child than a female victim, a female child is still statistically more likely to be raped than a male child. But I really don’t want this to be a pedophilia discussion, because that derails from the original point.

So, let’s look at the total numbers for how likely men and women are to experience rape in their lifetimes:

Approximately 31.3% of females will experience rape in their lifetime. That is nearly 1 in 3. Of these females, roughly 7 in 8 will be raped post-puberty, as “women.” This is approximately 27.5% of all women.

Approximately 8.76% of males will experience rape in their lifetime. That is almost 1 in 11. Of these males, roughly 3 in 4 will be raped post-puberty, as “men.” This is approximately 6.57% of all men.

Females are roughly 2.5 times more likely to be raped than males, and women are roughly 2.9 times more likely to be raped than men.

There are a lot of numbers in that report, and they support me when I say that women are far more likely to be raped, and that rapists are predominantly male. Here’s one last screenshot:

I’m going to break down these statistics into real-world numbers for you, covering all kinds of rape (violent, coercive, made-to-penetrate, child and adult):

Total victims: 37,332,000, broken down as follows:
Violent rape (survey defined “rape”): 21,840,000 (21,425,040 committed by men)
Made-to-penetrate: Not recorded (“0”)
Coercive rape: 15,492,000 (14,330,100 committed by men)
By the above statistics on perpetrators, 95.8% of rape committed against females (35,755,140) is by males.

Total victims: 13,838,000, broken down as follows:
Violent rape (survey defined “rape”): 1,581,000 (1,475,073 committed by men)
Made-to-penetrate: 5,451,000 (1,133,808 committed by men)
Coercive rape: 6,806,000 (1,161,848 committed by men)
By the above statistics on perpetrators, 26.9% of rape committed against males (3,725,065) is by males.


In case this isn’t getting through, take a look:

Women are still far more likely to be raped than men. Rapists are still far more likely to be male than female. And rape culture continues to make justice nearly impossible for all victims, by dismissing the attacks of women, and feminizing then dismissing the attacks of men.

Male attitudes about rape are horrifically disturbing. 33% of men have admitted they would rape if they knew they could get away with it. 25% of men believe that date rape is acceptable if the man pays for the date and the woman enters the man’s apartment at the end of the date. And if you’re worried about false rape reports, take comfort in knowing that you are 631 times more likely to become an NFL player than you are to be falsely accused of rape.

Combine those statistics and ask yourself for a moment: If men think rape is acceptable under the right circumstances, and they are almost never falsely accused of rape, how many men claiming innocence are actually rapists? Answer: A metric fuckton, whether they admit it to themselves or not. And remember that 97% of rapists will never spend a day in prison. No wonder female rape victims are 20 times more likely to attempt suicide than non-victims.

And of course, none of this tackles how rape culture brainwashes women to see their rapes as simply the natural order of sex. Part of the problem with our sex-positive culture is that it pressures women into agreeing to sex, regardless of their true desires. It paints sexuality as the default so that women’s consent is no longer seen as necessary for a sexual encounter. It includes the blatant “no means yes” culture of pursuit–in which men are encouraged to pursue the “hard to get” woman regardless of how many roadblocks she throws in his path–and the “come on, baby” wheedling of any boyfriend or husband who wants to avoid blue balls. Consent within relationships is culturally designed as the default, so that any woman withholding it is painted as frigid, and her male partner’s attempts at “thawing” her are seen as normal. When you calculate all of those interactions, rape rates for women skyrocket. But there are no statistics for it, because so many women don’t even realize that the bullying, the begging, the pressure constitutes coerced consent, constitutes rape.

Yet, in all my discussions of women being raped, I have never once argued that men don’t get raped, or that male victims should be ignored. I’ve never said that men who are raped suffer less than their female counterparts, or that their violations are any less serious. But the reason men get dismissed when they say they’ve been raped, the reason their attacks are deemed “impossible” or an effect of their own weakness is because the patriarchy established and enforces ideas of what manhood is. Patriarchy says that “real men” don’t get raped, because patriarchy insists that there’s even such a concept of “real men” versus “pussies.” Versus feminized men. It’s that feminization that is demonized, and that, my friends, is misogyny at work.

Some people seem to think being “egalitarian” will solve the problem, but you can’t enforce equality until you have it. Make society treat women as people. Convince the world that a crime that primarily victimizes women is no less awful because of that fact. Get people to understand the devastation of rape, and that it is not a crime of sex or femininity, but rather one of power and dominance. Destroy the social constructs that say women and men are completely different, and should be held to different standards. Prove that our culture cares about all victims of all crimes. You can’t do that by “what about the menz?”ing. Stop. Realize that you aren’t being “egalitarian,” you’re destroying progress, and ultimately doing a great disservice to all rape victims, male and female alike.


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