Snippet: On Growth and Social Education

It strikes me sometimes that I should go back through and re-read old posts, because I know on some subjects my eyes have opened wider, and I see more than I once did. There’s no hiding the fact that I’m still socially ignorant–I try to educate myself, but the fact is, I can’t know what oppressions I don’t experience feel like.  This can be in a large sense, such as not experiencing racism, to a more specific sense, like not knowing what it’s like to be a sex worker.

One of the things I’m trying hardest to cultivate is awareness of my own ignorance. I’m trying to know what I don’t know, so I can try to not put my foot in my mouth, not contribute to oppressions I’d like to see eradicated. But I’m gonna fuck up. It’s inevitable. There is no way to be a perfect ally, because no matter how hard you try to understand, there will always be nuances that escape you.

This is also all I ask of those trying to be allies to the oppressions I experience personally. It’s okay to fuck up. What’s not okay is to throw a fit when someone calls you on your fuck-up. Your response needs to be humble, introspective, and apologetic.

So this is my apology for times in the past where I have used this blog to perpetuate ignorance. It’s also an invitation to call me out, because I refuse to silence dissenting voices just because they make me look bad.

And no, this doesn’t mean I’m apologizing to all the men who’ve come here objecting to my feminism. My apology is to the marginalized, abused, misunderstood minorities I’ve wronged, not to the whiny assholes who refuse to acknowledge their own privilege. I’m not apologizing for offending people, because sometimes people deserve to be offended. I’m apologizing for any ways in which I’ve participated in upholding the status quo. We need to shake that sucker to the fucking ground, and I’m going to try my best to help do that.


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