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Social Conscience on Social Media: Why I No Longer Talk Politics On Facebook

I can’t remember the last time I made a political post on my personal Facebook page. Maybe after the election, when I was so overwhelmed by sadness and fear I had to pour it somewhere. But lately, when that overwhelmed … Continue reading

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Snippet: Self Esteem and Social Justice

I wouldn’t say I have good self-esteem, but I generally have good don’t-give-a-damn. That is, while I don’t think I’m amazing, and I know other people don’t think I’m amazing, I just don’t care. Sometimes that cracks, though, and in … Continue reading

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Putting In My 40+: Confessions of a “High-Functioning” Cripple

I hate that term, “high-functioning.” It sets up a dichotomy between people like me and those defaulted “low-functioning” disabled people that paints a very negative picture of disability as a whole. I’m a “good cripple,” because I work, I take … Continue reading

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Snippet: Why We Should Talk Before I Hit That

“Can I kiss you?” According to most of my students (your average group of community-college-attending young adults), this question is just too cheesy. Apparently the embarrassment you risk in asking it is worse than the rejection you could receive by … Continue reading

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Snippet: On Growth and Social Education

It strikes me sometimes that I should go back through and re-read old posts, because I know on some subjects my eyes have opened wider, and I see more than I once did. There’s no hiding the fact that I’m … Continue reading

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Yes, All Lives Matter: Now Can You STFU and Talk About Black People for a Second?

It’s common cultural knowledge at this point that “black lives matter” has gone beyond just a hashtag and become a cultural phenomenon, a slogan that people on and off of the net are embracing to encourage the masses to recognize … Continue reading

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Nonbinary Nomenclature: On Gender and Pronouns

It has taken me years to settle into my identity, but I am now comfortable saying that I am a nonbinary trans person. I have called myself a “nonbinary woman” in the past, because in spite of my personal gender … Continue reading

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