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What I Owe You: The Minority Blogger’s Obligations

I am constantly inundated with comments from privileged people (almost entirely men) who demand that I address their comments immediately and with a smile, bitch. Because society has trained men to expect this of women, and by even daring to … Continue reading

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Wheelie Gripes: Ignorance About the Culture of Disability

Eugenics is a topic that comes up quite often in modern discussions of disability. There are truly terrifying people who subscribe quite literally to the Nazi theory that disabled people should be exterminated, and that’s obviously horrifying. But there are … Continue reading

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Baiting Mental Illness: Attempts at No-Fault Ableism

Note: In this post, I am using the terms “bipolar disorder” and “manic depression” interchangeably. The latter is sort of an old-school term for the same illness, and one that some sufferers prefer as more descriptive. Personally, I find both … Continue reading

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Did You Know Cripples Can Do Things?: Inspiration Porn and the Ableist Commodification of Disabled Bodies

Usually as the end of the year draws nearer, websites really like to do lists or countdowns of various notable things that happened during the year. More and more often, I’m seeing some version of a collection of “heartwarming moments.” … Continue reading

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From Plastic Picnicware to Polished Silver: My Life in Spoons

A lot of folks, particularly within the disabled community, are familiar with The Spoon Theory. If you’re not, hop over and read it, or else this won’t make a damn bit of sense. I’ve struggled with how to apply that … Continue reading

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“No Vote for You!”: How Voter ID Laws are Ableist, Transphobic, Racist, and Classist

I think at this point, most people have heard about the voter ID laws being instituted through GOP legislation. They’re promoted as being necessary to prevent “voter fraud”–you know, that democracy-destroying scourge that’s been ravaging…well nothing, really, because it’s virtually … Continue reading

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Wheelie Gripes: The Worst Thing About Not Having a Diagnosis

There are a lot of things that fucking suck about having an undiagnosed chronic pain condition. It’s a long-ass list that others have tackled far better than I could. But there is one thing that, for me, is the absolute … Continue reading

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