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Nonbinary Nomenclature: On Gender and Pronouns

It has taken me years to settle into my identity, but I am now comfortable saying that I am a nonbinary trans person. I have called myself a “nonbinary woman” in the past, because in spite of my personal gender … Continue reading

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Snippet: Why I Put Stock in Labels

I’ve heard it said several times that hating labels is a luxury of the privileged. Only when you don’t need labels, do you find them superfluous. It’s the stereotype of the white person who doesn’t see race–it’s their privilege that … Continue reading

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Tolerance: How Conservatives Weaponize It, and Why We Should Reject It

I’ve found that increasingly, I’m being told I’m not “tolerant.” It’s pulled out condescendingly by conservatives, with insistence that “tolerance demands tolerance” and that if I want people to be tolerant of me and people like me, I have to … Continue reading

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Snippet: On Call-Outs

Call-outs are always a source of contention, because they’re often so unwelcome by those who deserve them the most. People don’t like being told they’re wrong, and hearing it in a social context is even harder than in professional or … Continue reading

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What I Owe You: The Minority Blogger’s Obligations

I am constantly inundated with comments from privileged people (almost entirely men) who demand that I address their comments immediately and with a smile, bitch. Because society has trained men to expect this of women, and by even daring to … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Oppression and Bullying: Fatphobia vs. Criticizing Skinniness

I used to be extremely skinny. There was a time when I needed a belt to hold up my size 0’s. As an adult average, pre-pregnancy, I was never more than a size 2. I never realized then that my … Continue reading

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Baiting Mental Illness: Attempts at No-Fault Ableism

Note: In this post, I am using the terms “bipolar disorder” and “manic depression” interchangeably. The latter is sort of an old-school term for the same illness, and one that some sufferers prefer as more descriptive. Personally, I find both … Continue reading

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