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Snippet: Why We Should Talk Before I Hit That

“Can I kiss you?” According to most of my students (your average group of community-college-attending young adults), this question is just too cheesy. Apparently the embarrassment you risk in asking it is worse than the rejection you could receive by … Continue reading

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I’m Not Sorry Anymore, Men: More On Misandry, Coded Misogyny, and Whiny Manchildren

My most popular post to date is still an oldie written way back in 2011: Sorry, Men, You Are Not Oppressed: The Magical Mysteries of Misandry. I expanded on the content of that post in 2012: Sorry, Men, You’re STILL … Continue reading

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Some Truth Bombs About Rape: Statistics and Facts for the MRA Crowd

Much of this was originally a comment I left in reply to some MRA bullshit, but as it’s relevant in a lot of the arguments people try to make to discredit women who talk about rape, I figured it deserved … Continue reading

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Sex-Positive and Woman-Negative: The Misogynistic Pitfalls of Sex-Positive Feminism

Sex is one topic never far from the lips of society. Sex sells, and nearly every aspect of our culture is trying to sell itself. Feminists sometimes try to sell the movement under a “sex positive” flag, but it more … Continue reading

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What I Owe You: The Minority Blogger’s Obligations

I am constantly inundated with comments from privileged people (almost entirely men) who demand that I address their comments immediately and with a smile, bitch. Because society has trained men to expect this of women, and by even daring to … Continue reading

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Respecting the Victims: How to Discuss Rape, Address Survivors, and Dismantle Your Privilege

Last summer, I wrote a very passionate plea to those who have not experienced rape, asking them to respect those of us who have. It was a very personal post, inspired directly by the disrespect, assaults, gaslighting, and threats I’d … Continue reading

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Context and Relativity: Why You Need to Stop Complaining About How Minorities “Hate” You

There are ways in which I’ve evolved as a feminist, particularly in the last two or so years, and I really am fascinated by the progress I’ve made. Nearly every day, I’m given reason to think deeply on an aspect … Continue reading

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